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Thank you for visiting Linda's Creative Gifts!

Owned and operated by Linda Tribuna, Linda's Creative Gifts located in the heart of New Providence, New Jersey is a beautifully curated shop filled with a delightful mix of home decor, jewelry, lotions & soaps, accessories, apparel and so much more. Items are handcrafted by local and US artists. Stop in often as inventory changes quickly.

Stop by for a personal tour anytime! Hope to see you soon.

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Check out our store featured on CBS local news.

Being an artist herself, Linda Tribuna opened TMC's Boutique in 2009. One of the first in the area, it gave artists a venue to showcase their work. In 2016, having outgrown the small space in Stirling, she moved her store to downtown New Providence. They welcomed her with open arms as it was the first gift shop in the area in a long time. Opening this new, larger location enabled her to bring in additional artists, growing the list to over 25 local and U.S. artists. In November, 2018, she re-branded the store, making the name and image more tailored to who she is, Linda's Creative Gifts. Everyone, including her customers, welcomed the new name and image. 

Linda is known for her beautiful pencil drawings, sophisticated style, charisma and an eye for accessorizing any outfit or offering ideas for the perfect gift. Stop in and meet Linda and her staff and get their "5" minute tour!

September 2019, Linda celebrated her ten-year anniversary. She is now online so check her site often, she is always adding new artists. 

Such a beautiful store filled with wonderful art/crafts. Great stop for handmade gifts for all ages!   ~Emily D., Long Hill, NJ

Fabulous gift shop that supports local artists and the community! ~Cindy F.

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